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Posted on 01-23-2012

Clermont chiropractor helps with car accident injury.jpgThe effects of a car accident injury can be felt for months and even years following an accident. Common injuries include whiplash or a pinched nerve. After the accident, a patient may feel back pain and neck pain and experience headaches. At Michaux Family Chiropractic, our Clermont chiropractors have a couple of tips to help you avoid an accident and injury.

Put the Phone Down to Prevent Car Accident Injury

Using your cell phone while driving distracts you considerably from the task at hand. Even talking and using a hands-free phone is very distracting, as you are paying more attention to what the person on the other line is saying than to the activity on the road. It is best to wait until you are done driving to make a call. If someone calls while you are on the road and you must take the call, pull over to safe spot or a parking lot before answering.

Texting while driving is even more dangerous than talking on the phone. When you send a text, you take your eyes off of the road for seconds at time. Conditions on the roadway can change in an instant. The person in front of you could slam on the brakes or an animal or pedestrian could dart in front of the car.

Car Maintenance is Key

Treat your car like you would treat your own body to prevent accidents. If you suffer from back pain or another ailment, you would take steps to fix it before it got worse. The same should be true for your car. If the tires are worn, do not wait to replace them. Driving on worn tires increases your risk of skidding.

Change your car's oil regularly to keep it running smoothly and bring it in for regular inspections so that any small repairs are fixed before they become large ones.

What do you do to avoid accidents on the road?

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