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Posted on 06-25-2012

chiropractic care in Clermont for posture improvement.jpgThere are many causes for poor posture including car accidents, working with computers and even loss of bone density. Patients in our Clermont office often seek chiropractic care not only for the neck pain and back pain caused by poor posture, but to correct spinal problems that contribute to it. Our chiropractors are experienced in analyzing posture to diagnose problems with the spinal vertebrae, then prescribing a series of treatments to restoring proper alignment.

Keeping the Spine Aligned to Help Improve Posture

One of the first signs of poor posture is slouching, which causes the head to tip forward in an abnormal manner. This can cause strain on the neck muscles and excess wear on the discs. Slouching often causes neck pain and can even result in premature arthritis in the neck joints.

Accident victims often suffer from whiplash, which is caused by the head being whipped backward and forward past its normal limits. This can cause the vertebrae in the neck and upper back to become misaligned, putting extra pressure on the spinal structure. If the vertebrae are not lined up correctly, the strength needed to hold the head upright will cause undue strain on the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spinal vertebrae.

Our Clermont chiropractors are skilled in treating problems caused by poor or incorrect posture, no matter what the cause. A series of spinal adjustments will move the vertebrae back to their correct positions, creating a correct alignment in the spine once again. Once this has been achieved, it will be easier for you to hold your head and upper back in place without undue pain or stress on the muscles in the neck and upper back.

Whether you see a chiropractor about chronic neck and back pain or simply have noticed you aren't standing as tall and straight as you once did, a series of treatments can improve your posture and help alleviate pain. When you find yourself slouching, you can be causing damage to your spine.

On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your posture?

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