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Posted on 12-13-2012

Clermont Chiropractic Care for Natural, Non-Invasive Treatment

When pain strikes, everything changes. You may struggle to sleep at night, sit comfortably for extended periods, or even walk up and down the stairs. Depending on medication to manage your pain can be frustrating, so an alternative method of care might be welcome. Chiropractic treatments can help ease your pain in a non-invasive, drug-free way.

chiropractic care for pain management in 34711.jpg4 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Aids in Pain Management

Whether you are recovering from an injury or suffering from a chronic health condition, don’t let pain stop you from living an active life. Chiropractic care is a drug-free pain management alternative that really works. Here are some conditions that have found success through treatment.

#1: Reduce headache frequency. A cervical spinal subluxation may be triggering your headaches. This misalignment places pressure on the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPM) muscle, causing it to spasm, which triggers headaches. Chiropractic care helps restore proper alignment to the spine, which relieve pressure on the RCPM muscle and stops headaches before they start.

#2: Manage pain after an auto accident injury. Whiplash injuries cause a misalignment of the cervical spine, which can trigger chronic neck pain. A herniated disc in the lower back may compress the sciatic nerve, causing a chronic pain condition called sciatica. Regular adjustments from our Clermont chiropractor help to restore proper spinal alignment to the neck and lower back.

#3: Non-surgical care for carpal tunnel pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs when the median nerve opening in the wrist swells, compressing the nerve and triggering pain. Physiotherapy treatments, such as moist heat therapy and corrective exercises, are effective for relieving pain and strengthening the affected area. This helps relieve pressure on the nerve and manage pain.

#4: Pain management for shoulder pain. A sports injury can damage the shoulder pinching a nerve or dislocating a bone. Depending on the type of injury, trigger points may form along the shoulder blade and upper back. Our chiropractor may recommend a combination of adjustments and physiotherapy. These treatments help release pain trapped within the muscles while restoring proper alignment to the spine.

Have you tried chiropractic adjustments as part of your pain management?

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