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Posted on 02-25-2013

All Health Food Products Are Not Created Equal

Clermont chiropractor discusses superfruits.jpgIf you are looking into nutritional products to help your body fight the effects of aging, cope with physical issues and improve its overall health -- first of all, good for you! Our Clermont chiropractors have helped many patients here at Michaux Family Chiropractic, including members of our own families, enjoy more robust health and well-being through well-chosen natural products. 

Be aware, however, that many of the supplements and juices on today's health food store shelves have only a narrow range of effectiveness and/or undesirable additives. That is why we recommend whole food extracts as a preferable delivery method for the nutrients your body needs.

Take the current focus on superfruits, for example. These fruits are known to pack powerful amounts of antioxidants, "anti-aging" substances that support optimal health at the cellular level' many of them also boast anti-inflammatory properties as well. Acai, lycheeberries, pomegranates, goji and other superfruits are commonly offered in supplement and juice form -- but these forms do not make the best use of the nutrients at hand. 

Supplements frequently contain sugars, fillers, preservatives, coloring agents, and other ingredients that not only dilute their nutrient density but can even have a negative impact on your health. Juices are commonly cut with water, sometimes to a considerable degree, instead of representing the pure fruit. Additionally, these products tend to concentrate on one particular superfruit while ignoring the many possible combinations that could enhance your health even further.

Your Health Resource for eXfuze and More

Whole food extracts such as our eXfuze line of nutritional products overcome many of the shortcomings of other supplements and juices. These extracts contain a much more concentrated dose of antioxidants because they are not diluted with water or other fillers. They also combine a wide range of superfruits instead of offering only one per product, allowing you to get the maximum nutritional punch from a single dose. Contact our Clermont chiropractors for more information -- your body will thank you for it!

Do you currently take supplements? Which ones?

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