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Posted on 07-16-2013

Chiropractic Care in Your Corner Against Whiplash

whiplash pain releif with Clermont chiropractorsCases of whiplash are far more common than most people believe because it is a “sneaky” injury. It can happen in a low-speed fender bender, or when you get sacked in football. It can happen on a carnival ride or when you slip and fall. Whenever your head gets whipped back and forth suddenly, the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your neck suffer. Also, as the neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine, the vertebrae there can easily get misaligned, leading to pinched nerves. The sneaky part is that whiplash is notorious for not manifesting symptoms immediately; neck pain, headaches and other symptoms may take days to develop. This is why you need to seek chiropractic care from us anytime you have a situation like this—coming in before symptoms arrive can actually prevent symptoms!

Our Clermont Chiropractors Take Whiplash Seriously

We have helped many patients who came in suffering from “phantom” cases of neck pain, headaches and fatigue who were actually unwitting whiplash victims. During our initial exam and medical history, we frequently discover that the sufferer was in a “minor” car accident (or other mishap) a few days earlier. Fortunately, chiropractic care is extraordinarily successful in helping people make a full recovery.

The first step is to restore correct spinal posture wherever it has been compromised. By realigning vertebrae into their optimum position, this relieves pinched nerves and usually provides rapid pain relief and enables the nerves to function normally again. Because the neck’s supporting soft tissues are also injured during a whiplash event, we also employ massage therapy, exercises and stretches designed to promote healing in the muscles. The exercises in particular help strengthen and bolster proper neck posture while the massage therapy relieves pain, tension and inflammation so the tissues can heal faster. In addition to chiropractic care, we also recommend nutritional therapies designed to provide extra internal support for healing and overall great health!

Have you ever been in a minor accident and suffered “mystery” symptoms later?

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