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Breakthrough Medical Food for Diabetes and Heart Disease

Breakthrough Medical Food Reverses Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes


One in 3 US adults meet the diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome, placing them at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic illnesses.

In a previous 12-week clinical study conducted by the Metagenics Functional Medicine Research Center
, 43% of subjects taking the ingredients in UltraMeal Plus 360° medical food along with a modified Mediterranean diet and exercise program demonstrated a resolution of metabolic syndrome compared to only 22% of the subjects on the diet and exercise alone.¹

To confirm these results, a recent 12-week, 2-arm randomized clinical trial was conducted at 3 universities and consisted of 89 women with elevated LDL cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, and 2 of the 4 remaining criteria for metabolic syndrome. Both arms followed a modified Mediterranean diet and maintained normal exercise. The medical food arm also consumed 2 servings of UltraMeal Plus 360° daily. Results demonstrated that 44.4% of subjects in the medical food arm had a resolution of metabolic syndrome vs. 31.8% of subjects in the control arm.²

The results of the multicenter clinical trial are being published in the May/June issue of the Journal of Clinical Lipidology.

To order UltraMeal Plus 360° for your patients, call your Metagenics Representative or Customer Service today at 800.692.9400 (US) or 800.268.6200 (Canada).

1. Lerman RH, Minich DM, Darland G, et al. Subjects with elevated LDL cholesterol and metabolic syndrome benefit from supplementation with soy protein, phytosterols, hops rho iso-alpha acids, and Acacia nilotica proanthocyanidins. J Clin Lipidol. 2010; 4(1)59-68.
2. Jones JL, Fernandez ML, McIntosh MS, et al. A Mediterranean-style low-glycemic-load diet improves variables of metabolic syndrome in women, and addition of a phytochemical-rich medical food enhances benefits on lipoprotein metabolism. J Clin Lipidol. 2011 [pending publication].