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Treatment for Shoulder Pain Through Chiropractic Care

While it may seem just an inconvenience, shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition, restricting your ability to live a healthy, active life. Here at Michaux Family Chiropractic, our experienced doctors and caring staff are dedicated to relieving the pain in your shoulders and restoring you to a healthy lifestyle. Pain in the shoulder can come from many causes, but two of the more common reasons are being involved in an auto accident or suffering from sports injury.

An auto accident can cause damage to your body that you don't even notice until days or weeks after the accident, when your shoulder suddenly begins to cause you suffering. Children and adults alike can suffer from a sports injury; they can occur when playing football or falling off a bicycle. Whatever the reason for your shoulder injury, a visit to our Clermont office is in order.

Shoulder Pain Often the Result of a Car Accident Injury or Sports Injury

Injuries as a result of an auto accident can mean a multitude of painful symptoms including shoulder pain. Even if you are wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, as you always should, you may suffer a dislocated shoulder from the force of the car crash. With a dislocated shoulder, your shoulder literally separates at the socket, causing severe pain. Complicating this condition may be a labrum injury, which is damage to the rim of tissue that surrounds the socket and helps to keep the shoulder bone stabilized. It's relatively common to suffer a labrum injury from motorcycle accidents, as a sharp blow to the shoulder can cause this damage. Landing on your shoulder after being thrown from a bike is a common but regrettable result of motorcycle accidents, and can result in a painful shoulder for a long period of time.

Another common cause of shoulder pain is from a sports injury. You may picture football pileups when you think of sports pain, but there are many other sports that hold potential for damage to your shoulder. If you are thrown from a bicycle, you may do almost as much damage as if you were in a car crash. Landing on your shoulder can cause severe pain, dislocated bones and tissue damage.

Extreme sports have their name for a reason. Skateboarding, snowboarding and roller blading may be fun, but falling off one of these devices can damage your shoulder by dislocating a bone or creating a pinched nerve. If a sports accident causes a misalignment of the spine, nearby nerves can become trapped between vertebrae or swollen muscles, causing pain to radiate from the nerve outward. This can result in trigger points, or sore knots of muscle, along the shoulder blade and upper back.

Whether you've suffered a traffic accident or been injured while playing a sport, our doctors will create a comprehensive plan for relieving the pain in your shoulders. If you're in Clermont, Minneola or any of the other surrounding communities, visit our office to make a start toward a pain-free, active lifestyle once again. Call us at 352-243-7300 to schedule an appointment.