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Bulging Disc Treatment From Our Chiropractor

Bulging Disc: How to Treat It

Sciatica pain can be created by many things, including a herniated disc. Unfortunately, this type of pain can be extremely excruciating, feeling as if your back is searing or burning. Even worse is that the pain can travel down the leg. When treating sciatica pain, it is imperative to be aware that there is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment. This is why it is so important to visit a qualified chiropractor and have a customized treatment plan developed for you. The primary goal of this treatment plan will be to relieve you of all pain associated with the bulging disc, including pain in your neck, back, and lower body. 

bulging disc treatment from our chiropractor

Treating a Bulging Disc

If you are suffering from a bulging disc, you should make your way to a chiropractic clinic as soon as possible to get diagnosed and treated. At our clinic, we have the expertise and technological devices needed to properly diagnose your condition and create a treatment care plan that can reduce your pain. We also suggest that when you are at home that you use heat to help reduce your pain. You can buy a heating pad from a local pharmacy and apply the heat to the areas of your body that are in pain and there is a good chance the heat will help lessen this pain. 

You will also find that when you visit family chiro that another way to treat a bulging disc is by taking advantage of an epidural steroid injection. This type of injection can provide immediate relief by delivering a strong medication to the affected nerve. The objective of this type of bulging disc treatment is to provide you with enough relief so that you can partake in a regular exercise program to provide even further, long-term relief. 

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