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Sports Injury FAQ

Start Healing From Your Sports Injury With Chiropractic Care

Michaux Family Chiropractic's Clermont chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Michaux, is here to help with sports rehab. He can provide more information on sports injury and sports rehab in a consultation, but here are some of our most commonly asked questions.

What causes sports injuries?

Sports injuries are often caused by the stress of repetitive motions on joints and muscles, improper form or posture, improper technique, and unpredictable accidents during sports-related activities.

What should I do if I suffer a sports injury?

If you suffer a sports injury, continuing regular activities can aggravate or worsen the problem. Schedule an appointment with our sports chiropractor for a diagnosis of the injury, and to begin treatment, pain management therapy, and sports rehab.

Is a chiropractor qualified to treat sports injuries?

Yes. Our Clermont chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Michaux, has years of training and experience qualifying him to treat sports injuries. Depending on the extent of each patient's sports injury, Dr. Michaux will treat and rehabilitate the injury independently or in conjunction with the patient's primary care provider or surgeon.

How are sports injuries diagnosed?

Most often sports injuries can be diagnosed through a patient consultation. Dr. Michaux will ask questions about the activity which brought about the symptoms to learn more about the injury, and conduct a physical examination. X-rays can also be useful to help determine a diagnosis.

Is treatment available?

Yes. Dr. Michaux assesses each individual injury, and prescribes the necessary treatment and therapy while working with or without your primary care doctor. Treatment will vary depending on the type and severity of the injury. Whether the patient suffers from tennis elbow, a sprained ankle, or is recovering from knee surgery, our chiropractor can help

How are sports injuries treated?

Our Clermont chiropractor uses a combination of chiropractic techniques and treatments tailored to safely heal and rehabilitate each individual injury. Ensuring that an injury heals properly is the primary goal of sports injury treatment and pain management; if the injury does not heal properly, the patient could be left with painful scar tissue, which inhibits the range of motion. Using a combination of spinal adjustment, moist heat therapy, cryotherapy, corrective care exercises, and sports rehab therapy our chiropractor will work with you to reduce inflammation, promote natural healing, and restore your health and range of motion.

How do I prevent sports injuries?

Although not every sports injury can be prevented, you can take precautions to lower your risk of injury. Always use proper equipment, and always wear braces during sports activities. If lifting weights, do not push yourself past your comfort zone without a spotter. Take the time to learn proper form and technique before diving into a new activity.

What exercises or stretches can help heal sports injuries?

Our sports chiropractor works with each individual patient to develop a regimen of safe and gentle stretches and exercises designed to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles which support the injured area. Actively practicing your unique regimen will help you heal more quickly, and reduce the pain you experience while on the road to recovery.


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