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Common Auto Accident Injuries

Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

Accident Clermont

We take driving in our cars for work, family and vacation for granted in our lives. Speeding along at an average of 30mph in our cities and 60mph on our highways is inherently stressful, and no more so than when we are in motor vehicle accidents. Even minor fender benders can cause sprain, strain and concussion. More major accidents can result in contusions, swelling, broken bones and internal injury. While our bodies are designed to heal themselves, injuries incurred while doing unnatural movement like sitting in our cars could use support to heal quickly and smoothly. Treatment at Michaux Family Chiropractic in Clermont, can facilitate healing from your auto accident injury.

Minor Accidents & “Fender Benders”

If you’ve been involved in a relatively minor accident, including rear ending and find yourself having headaches, neck and/or shoulder pain, numbness or tingling in your arms, hands, or discomfort in your feet, legs or hips do not hesitate to call your Clermont chiropractor! When your hands are on the wheel and your feet on the gas, brake or clutch during impact, that impact reverberates up your limbs and can affect any joint, muscle, bone or tendon along the way. Areas of previous stuck stress or injury can be especially affected, even if that injury was years ago! Depending on how your individual body reacts, pain almost anywhere in your body is possible. Luckily, care in our clinic with our auto accident chiropractor using personal, compassionate touch can get you feeling better, faster. There is no time too soon to come in to see us!

Muscle Strains

As your body tenses and reacts to the stress of being in an auto accident injury, your individual muscles tighten and can be pulled in directions they do not normally move. This causes stress in the individual muscles as well as along the chains of muscles and fascia in the planes of the body. Almost any muscle in your body can be affected after a car accident. Common places are your neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Tendon Sprains

Tendons connect your muscles to your bones, allowing joints to move. When tendons are sprained or torn, they tend to take a long time to heal, sometimes even longer than broken bones! This is because our tendons naturally have a lower blood supply than the rest of our body. If you have a tendon sprain, anything you can do to promote healing can dramatically shorten your healing time. Your Clermont chiropractor has specialized interest and experience in healing the musculoskeletal system. We are the perfect place to visit to reduce tendon issues and get your healing on track.

Headaches & Migraines

Especially common within the first 24 hours after an MVA due to the full body stress reaction, headaches can also persist for days or months after your accident. Sometimes, these headaches are signs of an underlying condition like a concussion or severe muscle tension in the neck. Come in to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent recurring headaches! This may prevent headaches from becoming more serious and turning into migraines. For chronic migraine sufferers, your auto accident chiropractor may prevent migraines from worsening or being compounded by the accident.

Shoulder Injury

If you have shoulder stiffness or dysfunction after your accident, know that this is common. The seatbelt, while helpful for preventing your accident from being worse than it is, can cause increased pressure on your shoulder joint(s). Luckily, treatment can help.

Severe motor vehicle collisions

Luckily, most of our modern vehicles are equipped with airbags and other safety devices that can save lives in the advent of a serious collision. While our lives may be saved, we may still sustain serious injuries. Airbags themselves can often lead to their own injuries including bruising and neck pain. It’s never too soon to come into the clinic after an accident to start down the road to healing! While you may not look or feel your best, do not hesitate to call to get in as soon as possible. If you have been hospitalized after your accident to set broken bones or have surgery, chiropractic care can be excellent follow up after the initial emergency medicine has been handled at your hospital. If you have questions about what sort of care would be appropriate and when, please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to work with your existing doctor or practitioners to further your healing and improve your level of care.

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