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Youth Sports & Chiropractic Care

Youth Sports and Chiropractic Care with Our Clermont Chiropractor

Encouraging children and youths to enjoy a sports activity provides an active and healthy lifestyle. The challenge associated with playing a sport is the risk of injuries and the potential for health concerns to develop. When you want to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle without taking risks with a child's health, chiropractic care offers a solution to help reduce the risks.

If your child is enjoys playing sports, learn how chiropractic care compliments youth sports; call our chiropractor in Clermont at 352-224-9085 today!

What is Youth Chiropractic Care?

Youth chiropractic care at Michaux Family Chiropractic refers to pediatric treatments provided to children and young individuals focused on their specific health and needs. Since children are still growing and developing, a chiropractor in our clinic evaluates their needs and provides a personalized treatment plan to address discomfort, pain and injuries associated with playing a sport or engaging in certain physical activities that may lead to injuries, like playing active games or running. 

The key difference from a treatment for an adult is the focus on gentle movements and chiropractic techniques to limit the risk of injury as a child grows. We may also teach children and youths appropriate posture while running, engaging in a sport or lifting heavy objects to reduce the risk of injuries.

When to Consider Visiting a Chiropractor in Clermont

Visiting a chiropractor for youth sports and activities depends on the situation. Generally, we recommend visiting if you have a child engaging in a sport and want to limit the risk of injuries by teaching a child proper posture in different situations. We may also suggest visiting our clinic if you have concerns about an injury from a sport or a youth complains about discomfort and pain in any joints.

As a general rule, you may want to visit Michaux Family Chiropractic before a young individual in your family starts playing a sport to check for potential problems and to ensure a child does not have a risk for certain conditions, like scoliosis. We also recommend treatment for growing pains if a child complains about discomfort due to suddenly growing taller.

Advantages of Chiropractic in Clermont for Youth Sports

The advantages of pediatric chiropractic care in Clermont for youth sports ultimately depend on the child and their situation. Generally, the treatments reduce the risk of injury by teaching proper posture and form. It also helps if a child was injured during a game or while practicing for a game. 

A chiropractor evaluates an individual's health and situation before developing a plan of action, so we may recommend a check-up and exam before children start playing a sport to limit risks to their health or to address any underlying concerns that may contribute or even cause injuries while running or engaging in physical activities.

Contact Our Clermont, FL Chiropractor Today to Learn More about Youth Chiropractic Care

Youths play a variety of sports and engage in multiple activities. By seeking pediatric care for their health and well-being in our clinic, you help reduce the risk of injuries and allow a child to grow and develop in a healthy way. Call or contact us today at (352) 243-7300 for more details about our treatments.


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