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FAQ's: Sciatica

Our Chiropractor in Clermont FL Is Your Source for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Michaux Family Chiropractic is your trusted chiropractor in Clermont, FL for sciatica nerve pain and sciatica treatment. If you have been experiencing low back pain and wonder if it could be related to the sciatic nerve, our frequently asked questions will help determine if sciatica treatment is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sciatica Nerve Pain

1. My pain is worse when sitting and I sometimes get a sharp sensation when I get up. Does this sound like sciatica nerve pain?

Pain caused from the sciatic nerve is commonly associated with these signs and symptoms. You may also be experiencing ongoing pain unilaterally or on one side of the buttocks. Very rarely is sciatic pain bi-lateral. Some people report a sharp sensation making it difficult to transition from a sitting to standing position.

2. Can my legs and feet be involved too?

Sciatic nerve pain is also commonly associated with a burning or tingling sensation that travels down the leg. Some people report weakness and numbness moving the foot.

3. What causes sciatica nerve pain?

Most commonly, sciatica results from a herniated disc impinging the sciatic nerve root. Inflammation and the signs and symptoms we described result from herniation.

4. My friend has sciatic nerve problems, but his signs and symptoms are different.

The sciatic nerve starts at L3, your third of five lumbar vertebrae. Signs and symptoms differ from person to person depending on where the sciatic nerve is impinged. For example, the sciatic nerve commonly becomes impinged at L5. Those signs and symptoms may be associated with the great toe and ankle because of the L5 nerve root.

5. Is there permanent damage to my sciatic nerve when impingement occurs?

There is generally not permanent damage. Our chiropractor in Clermont, FL is experienced in providing both symptomatic and preventive sciatica treatment. We work to discover the underlying cause so that we can tailor sciatica treatment specifically to your personal cause of pain.

6. How does chiropractic care help relieve sciatica nerve pain?

Our chiropractor will determine which technique is best suited for your personal experience with sciatic pain. We commonly use spinal decompression to alleviate pain from herniated discs. Spinal decompression creates space between the affected vertebrae to allow nutrition to reach the affected area. This allows the nerve to heal while reducing inflammation.

7. I was in a car accident, could that have an impact on experiencing sciatica?

Yes. After we experience trauma from sudden force, the spinal column along with soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, fascia and muscles shift. This unexpected force can cause vertebrae to bulge, resulting in sciatic nerve compression. If you have experienced an auto accident, we cannot stress enough how important it is to see our chiropractor in Clermont, FL immediately. Even if you are not experiencing pain, we can help restore spinal column positioning to avoid it. Call (352) 243-7300 today!


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