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Services & Techniques

Here at Michaux Family Chiropractic, our goal is to make sure you and your families get the best care, allowing you to live a pain free and healthy lifestyle. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the finest chiropractic care available, no matter what you needs. Here are some of the many services we offer patients.

Pain Management

Most patients visit a chiropractor because they've been suffering from chronic pain issues. Taking care of your pain first is our number one priority. We use a combination of therapy techniques to aid you in your quest for relief.

Corrective Exercises

Once your pain has been handled, it's time to correct the problem that caused it in the first place. Our chiropractor will design a custom exercise program to pinpoint the problem areas you need to address to avoid further injury. You can do these exercises in your own home, and they'll work in tandem with spinal adjustments in our office, making them work even more effectively. When skeletal parts are misplaced, that can result in muscle and tissue damage. Strengthening your body will help you to both recover from injury and prevent it from happening again.

Nutritional Advice

Your body is a working machine, and every part of it interacts with every other part. Your nutrition impacts on every part of your body, allowing you to live a healthy lifestyle or impeding it. Our staff will give you recommendations for healthy food choices and nutritional supplements that combine to give you the optimum in good health. If you're not sure what foods and supplements are the best for your busy lifestyle, Dr. Kurt Michaux will meet with you and advise you on the best choices for you to make.

Preventive Spinal Screenings

Spinal and postural screenings can uncover many underlying health problems long before they become serious problems. As people who are dedicated to improving the health of the people in the Clermont area, we hold spinal screenings at area malls, places of employment, and health fairs in the local communities. If you'd like to schedule a spinal and postural screening at your workplace or for a local gathering, contact our office.

Lifestyle Advice

All parts of your lifestyle combine to affect your health, either for good or bad. We can coach you in lifestyle practices in order to help you achieve a healthier, more pain free life. Our doctor can offer advice on exercise programs, nutritional needs, behaviors to avoid, and any other practices that he thinks may benefit you in living a full life.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy can cause a great amount of stress on the body. It changes your center of gravity, throwing off your balance and requiring a different stance to compensate for the difference. We offer specialized chiropractic adjustments designed for pregnant women, as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice.


To complement and enhance the healing effects of Dr. Kurt's  specific Chiropractic adjustment treatment, we at Michaux Family Chiropractic also provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures:

  • Mechanical traction
  • Cryotherapy
  • Moist heat therapy

If you have any questions about chiropractic treatment, call our office at 352-243-7300. We serve the surrounding areas of Clermont, Davenport, Oakland, Minneola, Winter Garden, Groveland, Mascotte and Four Corners, FL.