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Posted on 03-06-2013

Learn How Metagenics® Can Maximize Your Genetic Potential

Do you feel overwhelmed by fatigue, stress and exhaustion? Do you suffer from frequent allergies or low-grade illnesses? You may be suffering from a nutritional imbalance – a common problem that affects millions of Americans.

Clermont chiropractor uses Metagenics for improved wellness.jpgMetagenics® As Part of Your Holistic Health Program

If a nutritional imbalance is affecting your health, Metagenics® wellness products can help. Our Clermont chiropractor is proud partner with Metagenics®, a lifestyle and diet program that can transform your health by maximizing your genetic potential. This program combines targeted nutrition in the form of powdered beverages and a modified eating plan to deliver the right vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to your body.

Through gentle detoxification and all-natural nutritional supplements, this innovative program can correct nutritional imbalances and help our patients achieve their full potential.

Here are three ways that Metagenics® can make a difference for your well-being:

#1: Increase energy levels. The standard American diet is packed with processed foods, sugars, sodium, and unhealthy fats – while depriving the body of vital nutrients. It’s no surprise that this diet leaves us stressed, exhausted and overweight. Metagenics® brings balance back to your diet. After following the Metagenics® diet for only a few weeks, patients feel energized, healthy and refreshed.

#2: Kick-start weight loss. The wellness program’s gentle, nutritional cleanse will detoxify your body and kick-start weight loss using all-natural supplements. Think of this program as a “spring cleaning” for your body. Toxins from the environment and processed foods can build up in the body over time, blocking the body’s digestive processes and ultimately leading to toxin-overload. A 10-day detoxification program is like hitting the “reset” button on your metabolism, kick starting weight loss.

#3: Enhance benefits of chiropractic care. Our Clermont chiropractor supports holistic health programs that integrate chiropractic adjustments with nutritional counseling. Just as chiropractic care brings alignment to the spine, Metagenics® brings balance to the internal organs. Together, these two programs support whole body health.

Thinking about trying any of our wellness products? Our chiropractor is happy to answer any questions you may have!

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