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Posted on 04-07-2014

Natural Pain Relief in ClermontDr. Kurtis Michaux offers patients an alternative pain management plan. Quick to prescribe medications, traditional medicine has a habit of masking symptoms rather than treating problems at their source. Drugs prescribed to dull pain also introduce several toxins into the body, which often results in severe side effects. As a result, the medicine which was supposed to make the patient feel better, actually makes the patient feel worse. Chiropractic care aims to provide a healthier, more effective option for pain management, freeing patients from the debilitating side effects of prescription pain medications.

Treating Pain with Chiropractic Care

The emotional, physical, and chemical stresses encountered everyday put strain on the body's natural defenses. Emotional, chemical, and physical stresses, like those related to a car accident injury or work related injury, often overwhelm the body and force the spine out of alignment (spinal subluxation). When the spine becomes subluxated, it hinders the nervous system's ability to deliver messages between the brain and the body. This lack of communication often leads to pain and a weakened immune system. Modern medicine would prescribe medications to treat this pain and the illnesses which arise as a result of a weak immune system. Chiropractic care, however, treats the problem at its source by aligning the spine and restoring the body's ability to function properly.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or pain related to a car accident injury or work related injury, a chiropractic care pain management plan can help you. During your first visit, Dr. Kurtis Michaux will evaluate your individual health situation, performing a spinal screening, and work with you to develop an effective pain management plan. Depending on your specific condition, Dr. Michaux will prescribe a care plan which will involve a combination of spinal adjustments, corrective exercises/stretches, nutritional counseling, physiotherapy, and lifestyle advice. By managing your pain without medications, we can help you return to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

What activities will you resume once you begin living pain-free?

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